Welcome to National Doughnut Day!

Commercialism at its best. That’s right folks we are talking about one of the most hallowed holidays in all of America: National Doughnut day. A day when 9 out of 10 keyboards are covered with white powder or smeared in jelly and coffee is spilled on anyone wearing a white shirt…What will the fast-food gods think of next?

This morning I had scrambled eggs with ham and cheese wrapped up in a low-carb burrito. It took me less than 10 minutes to prepare. If we all woke-up an extra 10 minutes earlier to eat a better breakfast  – versus eating a 400-calories sugar explosion – we would all be better for it. Our fat children would start to become thinner, we would all have more energy, we may even begin to say good morning to strangers… But alas…No. Instead we set our alarm clocks to give us maximum sleep and we rush out the door and onto the freeways where we drive like lunatics. With screeching tires we pull into the doughnut shop parking lot and rush into the store only to stand in line and stress about what is worse: getting to work late or missing out on a free doughnut. How very sad.

My simple suggestion for the day is this: to counter “National Doughnut Day” (which is brought to us by all the large fast-food doughnut chains so they get us hooked on their jelly infused narcotics) why don’t we create “National Get Your Ass Out of Bed Earlier and Make Something of Yourself Day”? I must admit it has a nice ring to it but I just have to figure out what corporations would back it…

Enjoy your day and please stay away from the dog-nuts!

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