Scots risk skin to save hearts!

Read the BBC News Story here…

Researchers in Edinburgh Scotland have discovered that exposure to sunlight reduces blood pressure. Having lower blood pressure reduces the chances of heart disease and stroke which is 80 times more likely to kill a Scot than skin cancer. STOP THE PRESSES! In a land known for its foggy, cold, misty weather heart attacks kill more than skin cancer? I am stunned by this epic discovery!

Do you blame the people in Scotland for risking life and limb by exposing themselves to the sun? The poor people rarely ever see it. A beautiful day there is something to be embraced and enjoyed. If this same test were to be performed on people in San Diego or Miami would the results be different? Hmm…

The article points out that it is the Sun’s UV rays which cause our blood pressure to drop and not Vitamin D. OK, we are learning something now. Sunlight offers us benefits beyond Vitamin D which is why the article states that dietary supplements alone are not enough.  So, if you are pale, depressed or stressed do what the Scots do and get your arse outside! Enjoy the sun and put the thoughts of skin cancer on the back burner (yes you can groan at my pun). Remember to let the sunlight bring you peace and not burn you to a crisp.

Speaking of being outside in Scotland… if you are in the area why not visit Edinburgh for the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo this August (

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