How are you going to fit in some exercise today?

What if God woke you up very early in the morning one day and whispered in your ear “Get up and go exercise!”? I guess if God says you have to do it then you have to do it right? Still, it is very early and you really have at least another hour and a half of sleep before you need to get up. The sheets are warm and the bed is comfy. “Get up and go exercise. You need to do it!” God whispers again. Grumbling you stagger to your feet, get your gym clothes on and do what God commands.

Now for me at least, I can’t recall God waking me up like this. Without divine intervention I need to find some other form of motivation to get me going – especially early in the morning. I am assuming you need help with this as well and so here are some ideas:

My first thoughts as I lay in bed is my schedule. Where do I need to be and when do I need to get there by? With all the day’s events going on I then think of my chances of getting in a workout. If I have a packed day of meetings then I see my chances as being very slim. I must therefore convince myself that since I am up early NOW is the time to workout. If I have a a loose schedule then this becomes an issue. I can say to myself “I can get a run in after work” and therefore procrastinate. I then lie in bed thinking about procrastination and how evil it is, all the while forgetting the very act of lying in bed and thinking about procrastination really is in fact procrastination.

My next thought is this: Move now or forever hold onto your fat!  As you snuggle in the sheets your mind is starts to play tricks on you. You need to trump your sleepy mind and your rambling thoughts of procrastination with simple, hard to argue one-liners. Here are a few examples:

  • Get up you fat, lazy S.O.B!
  • How does Kelly Ripa do it? She is at work at 4am!
  • Last night’s dinner isn’t going to burn itself
  • When will you really workout?
  • Someone is out there right now at the gym getting fit
  • It is not that bad. Stop being a wimp!

It is hard to deny reason especially if it is well encapsulated into a succinct one-liner. Your sleepy brain will turn into an annoyed one but at least it may motivate you to move.

Now think of the endorphins. Yes, those little things that swirl around your body after a workout that make you feel good. Remind yourself it is all about energy and energy=happiness. Endorphins will jump-start your day and make you feel good for the rest of the day. Tell yourself: “I want to have a great day today and it starts with a workout.” Could there be a better one-liner?

Another idea is to think of the reward. “If I workout then I am going to treat myself to a nice big breakfast.” Or: “I won’t feel so bad if I stop and have a beer after work.” If you don’t workout then you know the calories will go right to your midsection and the thought will suck the enjoyment out of these events.

Finally, if all else fails grab your love handles, squeeze your cheeks and picture yourself ten times fatter. Then realize summer is coming and you will have to put on a bathing suit. OK… I am done blogging. I need to go workout STAT!

Good luck and happy exercising!

2 thoughts on “How are you going to fit in some exercise today?”

  1. Hahahahaa great post!!!

    I’ve recently signed up for a charity 5k run, and I am so out of shape, that training is serious! But I am also a massive procrastinator.

    I had a bit of a think about this though, and came up with an idea. I wrote a blog on it, but, actually, all you essentially need to do is put on your running shoes and then reward yourself for that!

    Sound crazy? Check it out: http://wp.me/p3paMc-7h let me know if you try it/ agree with it or it works for you.

    Oh and let me know if you have any more ideas for how to get off our lazy bums? 🙂

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