The enemy of productivity: comfy sheets

Some of you on this beautiful Saturday morning will spend a few extra minutes in bed. Unable to resist the mighty magnetic force keeping your back pinned to the mattress and your head buried in the pillow. The world is calling and there are things to do but the sheets hold you fast. One more minute of sleep.

Like the siren calling the sailors to the rocks, the sheets drag you closer to unconsciousness. Just out of reach are your dreams. You can almost reach out and touch them.

The sounds of “The Grind” are missing. You do not hear the neighbor climb into his car and the noise of those going to work. You do not hear the whistles of trains or the sounds of traffic. In fact, there is little stimulus from the outside world. Sounds that would otherwise drive you upwards. Saturday morning in bed. Ahhh…One more minute of sleep.

Silky, warm, soft and swaddling the sheets transform you into a denizen of the sleep world. They caress your skin and give you comfort. They are a soft, light anchor silently imprisoning you in the world of the sloth. One more minute of sleep. Like the sirens they sing to you. Your sub-conscious begins to sing back:

Snarly, growly stomach making me want to eat

I cant get up now, the sheets are so snug, rising would be such a feat!

Snugly, buggily, boo now I need to poo.

But holding me down are sheets so warm what is a girl to do?

Silkily, softly, sea I must get up to pee

There are things to do, places to go and plenty of things to see

Fluffy, comfy clouds I adore.

You make getting up such a chore.

Thanks for the sleep but I must get up before the world thinks of me as a whore!

Happy Saturday morning all!

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