Phillip Gerard: Zombie destroyer!

The much anticipated movie titled “World War Z” is in theaters starting this weekend. Brad Pitt plays a modern day zombie ass-kicker in a film I definitely want to see. Not only do I like the zombie genre I happen to liken myself as a modern day zombie ass-kicker too.

Walk into a Starbucks on any given work day and you will need to squeeze past a phalanx of people stuffed inside with a coffee in one hand and a cell phone in the other. Zombie-like they stare into their gadgets tossing angry birds around or moving jewels across the screen with a flick of their thumb. Occasionally, you may find someone with a laptop open but if you look closely chances are they are Facebooking and not actually getting any work done.

And what exactly is in their other hand? Rarely is it a small cup of coffee. Instead you will see all kinds of lattes, frappe-whatevers and various iced drinks. Basically liquid sugar. This is exactly what Starbucks wants. A small coffee still has a healthy margin but a large Venti specialty drink costs close to $8 and is where Starbucks makes its money. The calories add up too. According to the Starbucks website a Venti Iced White Chocolate Mocha with whipped cream is a staggering 640 calories.

Having clients hooked on caffeine and sugar is actually what Starbucks wants. No wonder most stores offer free wi-fi and clean bathrooms. They lure you into their lair with addictive chemicals and creature comforts then fill you up with intoxicating sugars. Please, by all means flick birds around pointlessly on your little phone and order another iced, venti, whipped, cap! You have the time…

I call The Diet for a Busy Life a “diet for the 21st century” because it is geared to our modern times. We are constantly on the go. Truthfully, I understand that life isn’t really that busy. Especially compared to life just a decade ago. No, instead I would argue we have more free time than we ever had. The problem is today, we are much more distracted. We kill precious time doing woefully stupid, mindless things. There are many of us who are quite content escaping into a Starbucks and letting our mind go and our stomachs take over.

This is where I come in and start doing my zombie ass-whooping. If I can convince just a handful of people to stop the mindless things they do and instead re-prioritize their life I would call that a huge success. Put the cell phone down, change your life, focus on making the world better and then come join me in some zombie ass kicking of your own!

I can see the next Hollywood blockbuster: World War Fatty starring Brad Pitt as the great zombie destroyer Phillip Gerard.

Happy Hunting!

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