The Diet for a Busy Life

To lose weight give yourself a promotion!

When you are trying to lose weight or get back into shape one commodity that is critical to success is time. It takes time to workout and cook healthier meals. Without having the time required to fix your body how can you be successful?

The Diet for a Busy Life is not just about getting the right foods back in your diet. Nor is it just about exercise routines that help you to gain energy. It is about finding time to refocus your life so that you can become healthier.

One way to free up time is to remove all of the mindless, trivial things you find yourself doing on any given day. The key is becoming mindful of these “mindless” activities and so this effort requires obedience. To increase your awareness and to redirect how you spend your time and energy you must give yourself a promotion.

Starting today you are now CEO. You are a very important person and your time is precious. You pay yourself handsomely by the way. You now earn $500 per hour to get your life back in shape. Anytime you are not mindful and not focused on becoming healthier it eats into this time and you get paid less. This sucks doesn’t it? In fact, surfing the web, responding to stupid emails, shopping for trivial things only pays $1 per hour. You can’t afford this.

Starting today take command of your self-image. Promote yourself to the most important person in the world. Begin to dismantle and destroy any habit that gets in the way of you achieving greatness. Your time is extremely valuable and to maintain your position as CEO, you need to prioritize your activities and if necessary delegate.

Your first responsibilities as CEO:

  • Go into your inbox and unsubscribe from as many email spammers as you can. Reduce the inflow of email to only critical items.
  • Condense your web-surfing to just 15-minutes a day. Stop reading the news because it is too depressing. Get off of social media sites as they can be a time vacuum.
  • Delegate work where you can. You cannot do everything. You must also learn to give up control if you are a control freak.
  • Give your smartphone a break. Look at it only a handful of times throughout the day. There is no bigger distraction than a blinking phone. Put it away.
  • Look at your calendar and block off time for a workout. It is a great stress reliever.
  • Stay on your feet. Rather than email someone go and visit them. CEOs are leaders, they shake hands.

As CEO you are a leader that commands a great deal of power and responsibility. Your self-image needs to reflect this. Hold yourself up to a higher standard. Your time must be protected. Don’t forget it!

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