Man saves crowd while waiting in line to buy sneakers

Do yourself a favor and next time you turn on a computer stay away from the news sites. They kill your freedom. They suck away valuable time out of your day. Get up and go for a walk instead.

I stumbled upon this article which was really disturbing on many, many levels:  Shooter kills robber while waiting in line for LeBron James shoes. To spare you from having to open the link and read the details I will paraphrase the story for you and add my commentary:

A line of 50 or so people had assembled outside a shoe store six hours before it opened so that they can purchase a special edition LeBron James sneaker. This is materialism at its worst. I could think of a zillion better things to be doing.

The sneaker sells for $180. According to one individual “It’s the leather and the denim…basically a pair of pants on your foot.” Oh! Now I understand. I take back my earlier comments. Wearing pants on your feet is all the rage now.

As the people waited in line, a pick pocket was harassing the crowd. One man pulled out a gun and shot the robber killing him. The man then got back in line. He puts his gun away and gets back in line! Nobody is taking his spot!  Sir, you can go to the front of the line!

“He [the shooter] really stood up for all of us,” said Taylor White, who told Channel 2 that he was in line when the shooting happened. “I salute the homie that did that.” Good job homie! You protected the crowd of innocent losers without losing your space in line. Awesome! Just be careful not to step in the pool of blood while wearing your new sneakers.

Here is the part that would drive me bonkers:  Police made the sneaker-hungry customers stand in a single file instead of clustering around the store’s entrance. It is bad enough to have robbers, shooters, police, crowds and dead people but why can’t people learn to stand in line? What is this the airport?  Argggh!

The next time you decide to go to a dangerous part of town (at least one man thought it was so dangerous he brought a gun) to purchase a pair of sneakers, ask yourself if there is anything else you should be doing. Next time you find yourself surfing the web and reading dumb stories like this one ask yourself if there is anything else you should be doing. I apologize for making you read this. Now push yourself away from the computer and go for a walk! I hope you have a decent pair of sneakers handy…





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