The donut king of Toronto

Toronto is a beautiful city made even more beatuiful by the fact that there is not a Starbucks or a Dunkin Donuts on every corner (like there is in New York). I am sure there are some entrepreneurs out there wanting to change this but for now Toronto’s beauty comes from its diversity. Every corner seems unique and worth exploring. No two streets are alike.

This is my first visist to the city as a tourist. There is no work to get in the way this time. The city and all its glory are at my beck and call but before my camera starts to whirl and my feet begin to ache from the exploring, there is one thing I need to do: visit a Tim Hortons.

“You’ve never had a coffee and a donut until you have had Tim Hortons” My friend had boldy claimed. Really? I thought. I did not know Canada was known for its coffee. “Forget Starbucks and forget any donut chain you have ever visited. Tim Hortons is the best.” I was caught off guard by his arrogance. “What, is it maple syrup flavored?” He delivered an angry smirk. “You’ve never had anything better .” He replied curtly.

The gauntlet had been thrown down. As someone who strvies to be vigilant when it comes to eating healthy I could not shy away from this challenge. An image of a warm, sticky, glazed donut hung like a cloud in my mind and of course I would be chasing this scrumptious cloud with a velvety, smooth coffee.There was no way I could enjoy Toronto until I erased this image from my mind. Uh oh! What’s this? A Tim Hortons next to my hotel?

First order of the day: One large coffee with cream and the run-of-the-mill glazed donut. Hmm… Probably 300 calories right here. Just looking at the donut made me feel fatter. It looked delicisous. I raised it to my mouth and the first bite took me back to the days of my childhood. It was mouthwatering. I quickly sipped the coffee. Not to hot, just right. Nice texture. Smooth, rich, and flavorful. The two went down my throat like Sonny and Cher singing a duet. “I got you to hold my hand…and I got you to understand. I got you Babe! I got you Babe!”

Suddenly an alarm started ringing. The hairs on the back of my neck stood on end. GET OUT OF HERE! I bolted for the door with coffee in hand. The donut had already been inhaled. I needed to escape the irrestible urge to order another. It was time to leave the building as fast as I could.

Bursting from the door I suddenly found myself at peace. The city stretched around me in all its glory. The sun was shining and the bustle of life was beginning. I smiled knowing I could now enjoy the day. The donut cloud had disappeared. Yes, Tim Hortons has the best coffee and donuts. Will my life ever be the same? Who knows, thank goodness there is none near me where I live!

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