Day one: a disgusting hotel

I have to tell my nightmare travel story. I am sure you have heard worse but I feel compelled to let the world know about my sleepless night last night.

It started with getting to the hotel and finding the rooms not ready. OK, we will head to the pool but first: what to do about our bags?

“Just put them over there.” The front desk woman said.
“Where is the Bellman?”
“We want to put or bags in storage while we swim.”
“So where do we put them?”
“In the back”
“Will someone bring them to the back?”
“Sorry. We are expecting a rush of people. I will open up the back for you.”
Looking around I see a few other bewildered hotel guests but an otherwise vacant lobby. Very strange…

The pool was nice except for the fact that it was indoors and with all the screaming children at least 100 decibels. The headache started early.

“Sorry, one room is ready but not the other.” Said the clerk as 3:45 rolled around. Grr…

Finally getting to the rooms we find one room was slept in by a smoker. It was rank and musty. Closer examination of the sheets and we discover blood stains on them. Cigarette ash was found on the nightstand. Gross!

A call down to the front desk:
“There is blood on the sheets and the room smells like smoke.”
“I’m sorry sir but I am at the front desk with a customer right now. We will send someone up to clean the room.”

We decide to go get dinner. On return the sheets are new but the room still smells rank. It was now late. The kids didn’t want to sleep in their smelly room so we all crammed in ours and snored and farted together. Day one in the bag. Or so I thought. Junior is now in the bathroom vomiting. Some how one of the kids was passed out on the floor.

3am. Its that the sound of a leaky faucet? Drip, drop, drip. After stumbling about in the dark I discover the sound is coming from the ice machine outside in the hallway. Apparently it is strategically placed behind the wall near our headboards. Nice. Everyone managed to fall asleep but me. Its going to be a long day!

I will let you know about day two once we survive it.

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