Boycott day

Now that Independence Day is behind us we need to resume our normal daily activities. Hopefully you still have all your fingers to do so. Since we may have reveled a bit too much with beer and barbecue we need to do a little damage control. Outside of working out, we can correct our bodies by watching what we eat.

Boycott day is about boycotting the consumption of foods that may have slowed us down. Today, let’s all refrain from eating:

  • Beef – Lets give the cows a break for the day
  • Alcohol – You hungover still?
  • Potato chips – stay away!
  • Sweets – no desserts today
  • Salt – yuck
  • White bread – yuck
  • Boxed or canned foods – let’s go all-natural today

Have fun with your diet today and see if you can continue the boycott through tomorrow.


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