Michael Bloomberg tells stupid people to “Take the stairs”

I railed on Michael Bloomberg, the soon to be ex-mayor of New York City, about banning large, sugary drinks from being sold in New York. I flat out think his idea is brainless. His latest idea though is pure genius. He says, and I quote: “Exercise is good for you.” I agree with this wholeheartedly.

However, words from a politician need to be taken with a grain of salt. It seems Mr. Bloomberg is still working on his legacy and that fact is tough to over look. You see Mr. Bloomberg took it upon himself to run for an unprecedented third term knowing full well he would be reelected. He broke the law in order to remain in power. I don’t care what party affiliation you have, in a democracy this is Vladimir Putin stuff and not what should be allowed to happen in America. Anyway… where was I? Oh yes, his legacy…

Mr. Bloomberg wants to be remembered as the mayor who had compassion. The one who protected stupid people from the cruel capitalists willing to take advantage of them. Sadly he failed at actually educating these stupid people because they went and voted him into a third term. His latest foray into compassion is just as pointless: He wants all of the tall buildings in New York City to be more conducive to exercise. He wants more stairs and less elevators. Hmmm… Read the story here.

Call me clueless but rather than alter the structural integrity of these buildings there may be better ways to get people walking. I have a few ideas. Mr. Bloomberg and if your are listening please take heed. I have compiled a small set of ideas which may be easier and less costly to implement:

  • Continue to fund the Metropolitan Transit Authority. The MTA has a history of reducing service and raising costs. At some point it will be too expensive to ride the subway and it wont get you to where you need to go anyway. You will be better off walking.
  • Bulldoze all the homes of the super-rich liberal elite that line Central Park. They add little to society and a larger park will mean more room to enjoy the great outdoors.
  • Re-locate all of the tourists to some other city. You cannot get around town anymore! Have you ever tried to walk from downtown Manhattan to the PATH train near Ground Zero? It is impossible!
  • Install treadmills at City Hall. Rather than standing around waiting in long lines for government services one can instead jog to kill time.
  • Replace all taxis with rickshaws. On second thought… rickshaws may actually work better than taxis. Never mind.
  • Install stairs in the Statue of Liberty. Wait a second! There are already stairs in the Statue of Liberty!
  • Continue to ignore the needs of the power grid in Manhattan. The aging system is very likely to have another major lapse soon and blanket the entire city in darkness. Whoa! Wait a second! Why not elect Bloomberg as the keeper of “The Switch”!

Ignore the man behind the curtain folks! That is just Michael Bloomberg working on his legacy. Maybe if we offer him some platitudes he will just go away.

For more tips and tricks read: The Diet for a Busy Life by Phillip Gerard.

One thought on “Michael Bloomberg tells stupid people to “Take the stairs””

  1. Although I have no great love of Bloomberg’s “no big soda” initiatives and I too am wary of politicians and their “legacy”, I do see merit in his idea.

    On the serious side of this matter, (though I did enjoy your ideas), voluntary building designs that encourage activity would be amazing, as would fitness facilities in office buildings, more open space etc.

    One of your solutions is actually close to a real solution to the current overweight/obesity problem. The treadmill idea is where it’s at for real. I know we currently have stand up desks which alleviate back problems at times and also burn a few more calories daily, but what if you could burn another 700 or more and hardly even notice.

    Here’s the solution and the million dollar idea. It’s already available, but not marketed well. The “walking desk”. It’s raised like the elevated work spaces, but you walk on a treadmill all day instead of sitting or standing. Research already supports this as plausible and no hindrance to productivity (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=walk-and-work+desk). Set at 1-1.5 mph it is barely noticeable and increases calorie burn by 100 calories/hr. All other things being constant (food intake and current physical activity), this translates to an average annual weight loss of about 40-60 pounds.

    Or how about hooking up a set of pedals to your computer and you have to pedal for your computer to work. Probably not enough energy generated via the pedals would actually run the computer, excess could be siphoned off and fed back to the grid (like solar energy) and this could be used to offset utilities.

    Just my thoughts.

    Dr. A

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