I had no idea how much time I was wasting!

So far this morning while I should have been blogging I killed about 10 minutes surfing the web (sometimes I need an idea to write about), about 10 minutes on Facebook (sometimes I need to goof on my friends) and about 20 minutes designing a t-shirt (strange huh?). I will never get this 40 minutes back from my life.


What have you done this morning? Did you begin with a harmless Google search or a quick look at Facebook? Did this simple start turn into a lengthy distraction? We all need a little stress release from time to time and a good tune out is perfectly acceptable. However at some point your web browsing goes from stress release to escapism.

Take a second now and think about how much time you spent today goofing off. Is it close to an hour? Has this become routine? If you find yourself wasting time on the web this is a sign that you are trying to escape from the real problems of the world. You have stress that you are not willing to face and you are electronically running and hiding from it. Face it, there are better things you should be doing.

Now, I would like you to whisper a quick thank you to me and then shut down your browser. Go out and enjoy your day. Face down your problems and try to wipe them clean. The next time you need to escape rather than Facebooking or Googling just stick to my blog. You will be much better off!  ;–)

For more tips and tricks read: The Diet for a Busy Life by Phillip Gerard.

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