“I know Kung-fu!” and how Bruce Lee inspired me

This is one of my favorite lines from the movie The Matrix. The character played by Keanu Reeves suddenly realizes that he can kick some serious ass. I wish I could plug into a computer and come up with the same realization. “I know Kung-fu!” So why am I blogging about this and what bearing does it have in your life? To understand, we need to rewind the tape to forty years ago.

It was in 1973 that the martial arts masterpiece Enter the Dragon was released into theaters. Bruce Lee’s epic performance inspired an entire generation of young men to want to be ass-kickers. Now even a scrawny, little guy can take on the campus bully and Mr. Lee provided us step-by-kung-fu-step instructions on how to do so. The writers of The Matrix were no doubt inspired in the same way.

As a young teenager I was a big fan of the Saturday morning Kung-fu theatre (do they even have this anymore??). I used to spar in my living room and make the sounds of a Chinese kung-fu master as I fought imaginary opponents. I would then go down into the basement and start doing pull-ups from the ceiling joists until I collapsed because I wanted to be tough like them. When I first watched Enter the Dragon I realized that I had no “game”.  I learned that to be a master, I had to triple, perhaps quadruple my efforts. I was in awe of the skills and mastery of Bruce Lee and so I worked harder. Without Bruce Lee I probably would have ended up as a fat kid who played Atari all the time. Instead, I began to transform my physique at a key point in my life as I developed into a young man.

OK, so you may not be a male, or a teenager for that matter, and you may not be currently bullied in school or at home (I have four older brothers who liked to wrestle me down and put underwear on my head…dirty underwear that is). Having Bruce Lee motivate you may be the farthest thing from your mind but I think this is where you may be doing something wrong. I think everyone needs a role model especially if they are facing hardship (or in our case trying to become healthier). Perhaps you can learn something from my story.

I want you today to begin to model yourself off of your own idol. Find someone who can inspire you to workout more and lose weight. Just a little thought and a little research into this will go a long way. Find a personal hero and let their energy and enthusiasm rub off on you. Without a role model you need to rely solely on your own energy and your own motivations. I suggest you pop in the tape Enter the Dragon and let Bruce Lee inspire you. Tell yourself “I know Kung Fu!” and start kicking some ass of your own!

One thought on ““I know Kung-fu!” and how Bruce Lee inspired me”

  1. I’m all in here. Great stuff. My guy was Herschel Walker for a while. Read an article about how he did 100 push-ups and sit-ups a day and ran sprints as his work-out. Hundreds of sit-ups and push-ups later, plus the running and there was 1 less fat college kid.

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