The Diet for a Busy Life

7 Weight Loss Tips For Women

A busy life means you will experience occasional wake up moments when you realize you are not happy with your body. “OMG! I need to lose this belly!” You are again reminded that the mirror can be your enemy and that it has been some time since you have exercised or attempted to diet.

These moments create panic. Your first thought is to go the gym and to begin eating like a rabbit. This works for a time until your hectic lifestyle resumes it’s domination over you. Throughout this fire drill the one muscle you forget to use is the muscle between your ears.

I have told you about diet heuristics and why your mindless decisions affect your ability to lose weight. Read this as it will help. Beyond this, focus on these seven weight loss tips which will help you regain control of your waistline:

Are you eating right? When you open the door to your refrigerator what stands out? I suggest having the following foods always available: apples, strawberries, raspberries and cherries. Also have handy: carrots, peas, celery, sliced bell pepper, and broccoli. Organic cold-cuts and cheeses that offer quick and natural protein are also a good idea. What else are you eating? It is time to take an assessment. You likely want to cut out boxed foods, carb heavy foods and bump up consumption of fiber and protein.

Are you eating enough?  Starving yourself is never smart and this is usually the first thing women do. More importantly than going without food is instead finding balance in what you eat. Food provides you with energy and energy is everything. You never want to feel tired or weak because this is when you begin to surrender to comfort foods. It is better to gorge yourself on natural foods (like I listed above) than to be overly restrictive with your calories. Do what you can to keep your metabolism revved up.

Are your workouts slowing you down? Believe it or not you can overdo it in the gym. I have known some women to jump immediately on the treadmill for five or six days straight. If you cut key nutrients like carbohydrates and then spend an inordinate time performing cardiovascular exercises you can place serious burden on your muscles. Without a balanced approach your efforts will have a negative affect. Your body will become fatigued and take steps to protect itself. You will experience headaches, soreness, and irritability. All of this is bad when you what you really want is to stay active.

Are your diet heuristics taking over? Many people expect exercise to be the great equalizer when it comes to countering what they eat. “I can eat pizza tonight because I worked out this morning.” You can easily go wrong with this attitude. Thirty minutes on the treadmill can burn what 100-200 calories? Two slices of pizza can be 400 calories. The math in this approach doesn’t work. Remember the 80-20 rule of weight loss: diet is 80%, exercise is 20%. I suggest you also take a close look at your decision making when it comes to what you eat. Your diet heuristics (a.k.a. rule of thumb) can be out of whack.

Are you forgetting resistance workouts? Many women are afraid to go near the free weight section of the gym. Intimidation and a lack of understanding mean they stick to cardio workouts (or instructor lead classes). It is time to break free from this fear. Muscles burn calories around the clock. More muscle means more calorie burn. You need to add resistance workouts into the mix. If you are intimidated hire a personal trainer. You are serious about getting back in shape aren’t you?

Are you drinking enough water? Water provides you with energy and occupies space in your stomach.  Keep a jug of water next to you at all times night and day. Frequent trips to the bathroom are not such a bad thing compared to being crabby, tired and thirsty. Trust me, you want to be drinking lots of water.

Are you making excuses? Is it really the first time you caught yourself in the mirror disgusted with your body? Chances are it is not. Begin by writing down all of the excuses you have made and take a serious look at them. Is it a lack of time? OK, you need to read The Diet for a Busy Life to learn to fit diet and exercise into your busy schedule. Is it a current injury? Time to see a doctor and get things fixed. Is it a lack of energy? You need to begin using your brain first before your muscles. Life is too short to be making excuses for yourself. Get going!

For more tips and tricks read: The Diet for a Busy Life by Phillip Gerard.

One thought on “7 Weight Loss Tips For Women”

  1. I’m loving this entry, except for the 80-20 rule. As an exercise physiologist, I know I’m biased but, I’ll fight you tooth and nail for equal billing on exercise.

    This is reinforced in your section on resistance training. Research has shown extra calorie burn with high intensity resistance training for over 48 hours. This can translate to over 500 additional calories on top of what’ s burned during the exercise.

    Everything else is solid stuff.

    Dr. A

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