Is it possible to get drunk and not fat?

Is it possible to get drunk and not fat? Today we are not talking about light, social drinking, we are talking about getting sh*t faced and staying thin. Here is the test:

Step 1) Get on the scale

Step 2) Stick to one type of beverage and note how many you have had. Drink until you are polluted. You may also ask the bartender for a receipt if you can remember to do so. Running around and acting like a lunatic is perfectly acceptable. Just do what comes naturally, just don’t get behind the wheel!

Step 3) The next morning get back on the scale (before or after vomiting) and note the weight difference

Step 4) Gasp and then question the advice of a twisted blogger

You see? I don’t care what you drank last night chances are your weight will have ballooned. Worse yet, the weight will stay on for a couple of days before you are back to normal. Even if you managed to NOT raid the fridge at midnight, chances are you STILL will be heavier. Oh the sorrow! You cannot get drunk and not fat!

The reason I stumbled upon the El Guapo was because I wanted something lighter than the traditional Margarita. I wanted to get drunk but not fat. I looovvvveee Margaritas but often bartenders make them too sweet. Why not pull out the sweetstuff and while we are at it go heavier on the tequila? Also don’t forget classy drinks are poured up and in martini glasses… So thusly the El Guapo was born.

So just how many calories was I cutting by making the switch? The traditional margarita according to the website, has 417 calories and only 10% alcohol. It scores a “D” when it comes to the alcohol/calorie ratio. A shot of tequila on the other hand scores an “A+” coming in at just under 100 calories and offering you the benefit of being 80 proof. The problem is the El Guapo is more like 2 shots of tequila and the added calories of fresh lime juice. How much am I really saving? Let’s do the math.

If three El Guapos gets me drunk I am looking at a total of 750 calories for the night (I figure 250 calories a pop for an El G). Since the alcoholic content is 4x greater in an El Guapo versus a margarita perhaps it is safe to say I would need to need drink 12 margaritas? This sounds a bit much. I am probably plastered after 5 or 6 margaritas. Still, 5 margaritas at 400 calories is 2,000 calories. Wow! Talk about getting a bulge from the binge!

How many drinks does it take you to get drunk? How many calories do you think you are drinking when you go out for a few glasses of wine? Check out and research the answer for yourself. The facts may startle you!

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