The Labor Day Goal

Today being Labor day in the US and the de facto last day of summer it is a good time to come up with a plan to get back in shape this Fall. The world changes in September and so make a point to change with it.

September is a transition month. It signals the arrival of cooler, less humid days. Kids of course go back to school and for businesses September is the last month of a quarter and so the pressure gets turned on. We all need to adapt from the relatively benign pace of the Summer to a much faster one that comes with Autumn. If you don’t adapt you will simply be left behind. Time to get moving.

Personally, I pigged out this weekend and ate whatever I wanted. So far, I have added close to two pounds on the scale (oink! oink!). Now I am in the mindset that I want to burn this off and quickly! An occasional largesse is OK if it gets you to refocus on your health. Do what I did: Get on the scale this morning, note your weight and then go have a great day. Don’t worry about what you eat. Tomorrow get back on the scale. The shock of the added weight will create a sense of urgency and the timing for it will be perfect.

In September the pace picks up, routine becomes more important and so now is the perfect time to inject exercise into this new routine. Set a goal to be down 10 pounds by Halloween.  Sound doable?

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