You can’t outrun your fork!

“I can eat this <fill in the blank> because I worked out today!”

When it comes to things like Key Lime Pie, dark chocolate or an icy El Guapo I will tell myself anything so I can indulge. I will see a slice of heavenly Key Lime goodness and think: “Man I want to stuff that in my face. After all, I did workout today…”

Ever catch yourself saying something similar?

This article proves again that you can’t think of exercise as the one and only means to lose weight and you cannot justify binge eating just because you worked out. The equation of calorie burn versus consumption does not tilt in your favor. According to the article, to lose a pound of weight with exercise alone is roughly equivalent to running a marathon. How many marathons have you run lately?

The quote “You can’t outrun your fork” is one that will stick with me. Remember this the next time you are on the couch with a bowl of chili and a bag of Dorritos. Just because you hobbled along on a treadmill doesn’t mean you can go a overboard with the calories!

One thought on “You can’t outrun your fork!”

  1. too true. I was running ten miles three times a week and still gaining around the middle. The exercize spurred my appetite, taking me back to my teen age days of eating.

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