Diet, get on the treadmill, then hit the weights – not necessarily in this order

People it is time to knuckle down! We need to mix things up and destroy our routine! To lose belly fat you need to:

A) Diet. Lets go with more veggies and less processed foods. Can you go a single day without eating a single thing that comes from a box or a can? Try adding more fiber and protein which should cut down on overall calorie intake.

B) Cardio training. Yes, get the heart rate up and sustained for 30 minutes a day. Try an easy jog or a long, brisk walk.

C) On top of all this you also need to lift some weights. I am not talking about walking on the treadmills with some dumbbells I am talking heavy iron and lots of presses.

The mix of all three according to numerous studies will help you lose weight and feel better. Get started now!




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