Action takes courage

I have been sidelined for a few weeks by a crushing workload and a ton of stress. The stress has been killing my motivation. All I have been wanting to do is get out from under all this work and escape. Blogging / writing was simply not in the cards.

So how do I turn things around and get out from this malaise and this despair? I see no end in sight to the amount of work I have and the amount of B.S. at work I have to deal with. Do I quit my job? Do I tell my boss what to do with himself? How do I turn things around so I am not so stressed and blue?

The simple is answer is this: I need to do is go back and pull up my game plan, reread it and refocus my efforts towards checking off the boxes in the plan. If I do not move the needle towards a better life I get depressed. If I do not check off items in my game plan I get stressed. So to lower my stress I need to act. I need to get those boxes checked! I need to get that needle moving and I need to get closer to my dreams!

The first step in turning around a blight in motivation or an increase in depression is to act. Take out your game plan, reread it, find a task that should be easy enough to do and go after it!

Action takes courage. To act means you are no longer trying to escape. You are able to get things done despite all of the stress and despair bearing down on you. You are strong, you are bold, you are driven. You are not weak and cowardly. Escapism is not a solution but action is. Action will get you to your dreams and action takes courage. Sitting on the couch is certainly a less risky alternative at least in the short term but is that you? Are you a couch sitter or are you one who can get things done? Ask yourself if you have the courage to act.

For me, I need to constantly remind myself that work will always suck unless I do something about it. Stress will always be there and I will have bouts of depression from time to time. My game plan was designed to either solve or work around these issues and I tend to forget this.

Don’t have a game plan? Get to work on it right away. List your ultimate dreams and begin breaking down all the steps you need to take to reach these dreams. In big bold letters right at the top of this list:  “Action is courage!” because getting in your way is your own lazy, fearful, stressed self!

Today, I want you to act.

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