“I will NOT always be fat!”

If you are overweight the challenge to lose a few pounds becomes greater the more weight you put on. Losing weight requires a continuous focus on balancing the right amount of calorie consumption and calorie burn. The more overweight you are, the longer and more strident this focus must be and because of this many people simply quit. Have you ever heard yourself say: “I will just always be fat.”?

Weight loss is a very daunting challenge. It can take months, if not years of careful eating and exercise to get back to a healthy weight. Some people whither in the face of this challenge. Is this you? Have you decided to give up?

If you have given up ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I want to live to see my grandchildren?
  • Am I setting a good example for my children?
  • Can I comfortably tie my shoes?
  • Can I easily get out of bed in the morning? Off the couch? Or easily get out of a car?
  • Am I easily fatigued? Tired all the time? Do I wish I had more energy?
  • Am I happy to live with these quality of life issues?

After you have asked yourself thee questions are you still willing to give up on weight loss? You know you can’t give up. Instead, you simply need to remind yourself of why you are trying to lose weight. “I want to set a good example for my children, therefore I am going to try harder!” This is the attitude you need to have.

At a point of despair when you believe that weight loss is impossible just remember it is not something that happens over night and that it IS worth fighting for. There is too much at stake. My suggestion is to try to simplify things into a set of rules:

“I cannot easily tie my shoes, so… I will no longer eat pizza until I can.”

“I cannot get out of my car very easily, so… I will no longer drink soda and until I can.”

“My kids run circles around me and therefore I am going to try to run circles around them.”

Boil what you are trying to do into a number of steadfast rules that are very black and white. Make these cardinal rules that you will never bend. If you keep at it you will be chasing after your kids in no time!

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