The Anti-boredom workout

I guarantee that most of you will at some point today do the following:

  • You will check your email
  • You will check Facebook
  • You will aimlessly surf the web
  • You will watch some TV
  • You will gab on the phone

Who wants to take me up on this? Anyone want to make a bet? Combined, this time-wastage can span hours. At a minimum it can eat up precious time in your day.

Is any of this advancing your cause? Helping others? Making the world a better place? If you are going to be selfish then at least be selfish in a more meaningful way. Go exercise!

The Anti-boredom workout

Turn off the TV and turn on the radio.  Grab a stop watch or a timer.

Perform each of these exercises for 30 seconds without a break in between. Once done with all of the exercises you are allowed a two-minute break. Repeat this 4-6 times.

  • Squats
  • Push-ups
  • Crunches
  • Lunges
  • Burpees

At least being selfish in this way will make you healthier and more energetic. A more energetic you is a happier you. A happier you is a world slightly better off.



The best way to remove stress

Here is a quick tip on how to have a better day: do something about your stress. The simplest, easiest and bestest way to do this? Take 10 minutes right now and sit somewhere quiet where you won’t be interrupted and think about your dreams. Take out a pad and a pencil and jot down some ideas on ways you can achieve these dreams. Planning for your future often takes a backseat to more pressing concerns yet the desire to move closer to your dreams lurks in the back of your mind and adds to your stress when nothing is done about it.

If you have ever felt like you are on a hamster wheel, running around and getting nowhere then you know what I am talking about. You are running through life and too busy to do anything about the fact that you have been moving laterally and not forward. You know at some point you just have to stop running and step off the wheel. Do this now. Stop running, Sit back and reflect on your future and how you can make it brighter. A little moment like this will make your day a much better one. Trust me on this one!

Yes, your desk job is killing you!

Sitting at your computer hours on end and living a sedentary lifestyle is the “modern equivalent of eating too much steak and smoking cigarettes” as this article suggests. Can you imagine doing all three? People who smoke don’t really have active lifestyles do they? Throw in a high cholesterol diet and the death clock for these people starts spinning rapidly. No wonder heart disease is the number one killer in America. If you fit this category, please listen up!



IF YOU HAVE A JOB WHERE YOU SIT ON YOUR ARSE ALL DAY (jobs are hard to come by…) HEED THIS WARNING: Your body will mummify from the inside out if you go all day without moving. Your ticker will get used to a life of largesse and learn not to work so hard. A heart not working hard leads to a short life. Understand that your desk job is literally killing you.

During your breaks get up from the desk and instead of chatting by the water cooler hit the stairwell and get in as many flights as you can. During lunch go for a walk.  During the course of the day try to encourage standing or walking meetings. Whenever you talk on the phone do so standing up versus sitting down. These little things will keep your heart in better shape and your bum less flabby.  They may just extend your life a bit longer too. Your heart will thank me.


This weekend I vow to…

It’s Friday and your are hopefully winding down your work week and beginning to think about the weekend. Have any plans? Do they involve exercise? Dieting? Or, do they involve the complete opposite?

Take a second and promise you will do something fruitful this weekend. Instead of watching TV, going to the movies, going to the diner for breakfast or any other typical weekend activity do something instead that will help you grow either physically, mentally or spiritually. Make a promise to yourself that you will do something that will promote positive transformation.


The Government Shutdown Diet

Just when I was going to start my Government Shutdown Diet they went and reopened the government! Drat! That’s OK. They just kicked the can a bit further down the road anyway. I can start this new diet in January…

Here is my 16-day government shutdown diet:

Step 1) Scare everyone by threatening to diet

Step 2) Talk out of both sides of your mouth so food can’t enter

Step 3) Ignore the fact that you are 17 trillion pounds over weight

Step 4) Filibuster by cramming your face with potato chips for 24 hours

Step 5) Shut down all sweets  for 16 days but… one by one pass bills allowing you to eat sweets except for sweets they hand out at hospitals thanks to Obamacare. These are dubbed “unnecessary sweets”.

Step 6) Walk around telling everyone you are on a diet and threaten the end of the world if you don’t start eating again. “I will go into default! Arrrg!!”

Step 7) Compromise by saying “I can afford to add a few more pounds” and then end this faux diet!

Sadly, I dont see the government ever going on a diet. Even in shutdown mode it was still spending money hand over fist. It was all just a bunch of bull. How does this relate to you and your diet? The question is: how much bull are you telling yourself? What is your rational for not cutting out the calories and crap you have been eating? Think about it!






My idea was really never to start dieting but to just find an excuse to kick the can down road again. Perhaps I should force my children to diet for me?