B) Tell me about the author

Hmm… so you want to know a bit about the author?? Are you sure? Deep breath and… read.

Father of two,high-tech software employee,website developer,author,outdoorsman,former city boy now a country boy, opinionated, Bruce Willis look alike (so I hear all the time…).  Likes: Jesus, warm cookies and puppies (awww), cute blondes (Dating one now.. lucky me. Yes, also the luckiest man in the world), likes tequila, likes all alcohol really, football, American football, politics, American politics, politics and football, cigars, muscle cars, vintage rock and roll, outdoor concerts, world travel, brunettes and redheads not necessarily in this order (I mentioned blondes already), trail running, weight lifting, photography, computers, Ultimate Frisbee, soccer, dogs AND cats, the smell of gasoline. Dislikes: drugs, violence, fowl language (quack!), hemorrhoids, door knobs in public restrooms, public grooming, the sound of nail clippers, loud cell phone talkers, crowds of stupid people, unread emails or text, sales people, the fact that there is no dislike buttons on blogs and FB, people snorting, crowded subways, the smell of farts on airplanes or in showers and finally: mean people.

After all this are you still interested in my blog? At least you know what your getting yourself into!

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