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My love hate relationship with French fries

“My love handles are made from French fries and beer”

French fries are worse than cigarettes. Despite swearing repeatedly I will never eat them again… I find myself indulging once more. They are addicting, bad for you and it is nearly impossible to have just one. Yesterday, I had a lunch meeting and they suddenly appeared right under my nose. I didn’t ask for them, I didn’t even know they were coming yet suddenly there they were staring up at me from the restaurant table.

The sudden appearance of the enemy caught me off guard. I was already hungry and my defenses were down. The pro-French fry cells in my brain launched a surprise attack catching my common sense cells off guard. The battle was over quickly. Orders were sent to my fingers to bring a few of the potato soldiers to Captain Chops. It was complete victory for the pro-French Fry team.

Crispy, not too oily, lightly salted. Hmm… They were also seasoned with an assembly of spices that had my mouth wanting more. Yet, with every handful came an ever louder chorus of alarm bells. The common sense defense network was starting to rally. Still, in only a few minutes of indulgence I managed to add close to 400 calories to my lunch. Not to mention 17 grams of saturated fat, 48 grams of carbohydrates and enough sodium to keep me from peeing for an extra two hours. Eventually, I was able put them down and push the plate away.

What was I thinking? I just killed the run I did that morning. Today will be a net-neutral calorie day if I am lucky. Angry storm clouds now swirl over head. Captain Chops has been ordered to cease and desist. The pro-French Fry lobby has once again been banished from the frontal lobe of my brain. Growling at my silly mis-decision my lunch colleague looks at me in confusion: Was it something I said?

How does one resist these things? Arrrgghhh!!! Please help me find the answer!