The most pinned image on Pinterest is…

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I don’t know what the world is coming to when the most pinned image on Pinterest is a picture of a salad dish. One would think there might be more interesting things out there to look at… ¬†This salad does looks scrumptous even if it is in a pink bowl sitting on a doily. It is being added to the things I will be eating list. If you go light on the dressing this salad is low-fat, low-carb and makes for a nice summertime lunch.

What I find interesting is the commentary by the Pinterest folks as to why this picture is so popular. They say non-human photos, with color, even saturation and vertical orientation happen to be the most attractive to people. This is good to know when you are sharing photos of food I guess. But… I secretly think the real popularity behind this image has to do with the celebrity power of Ms. Paula Deen who posted it. She says in the story¬†“It’s such an honor to know that a simple, everyday dish of fresh veggies from the garden can be so special to so many people.” I found this statement amusing. What is the world coming to really? Thank you Paula Deen for sharing Aunt Peggy’s photo.