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Facing the elephant in the room

Stress is one of the single biggest factors in the struggle to lose weight. A “stressed dieter” is an oxymoron. Are you really thinking about watching what you eat when you are under pressure? Your diet almost always takes a back seat to stress abatement. I know when I am under pressure I will take a tall glass of milk and a box of cookies over veggies and dip in a heart beat. Not to mention vegging on the couch versus working out. Yet when I loaf on the couch and stuff my face with sugar am I doing anything to address my stress? The first step in fixing stress is to understand which direction you are facing. Towards it or away from it.

Facing forward, staring stress in the eye means you are attempting to take what is an overwhelming challenge and break it up into bite size pieces. The stress itself may be slow to disappear but at least you are trying to do something about it.

Facing away from stress is escapism. You turn your back towards stress to shield you from it. The act provides near instant relief  but your battle against stress becomes longer and protracted.  The couch and the television become all too often your getaway car.

The better approach of course is to face stress. Acknowledge to yourself that there is in fact an elephant in the room. Stress is there and it wont go anywhere unless you help it go bye-bye.

Think of stress as a crazy algebra problem where you need to solve for ‘X’. At first glance the problem looks massive and unbreakable. The good news is to solve a problem you simply need to start out small. Take one part of the equation and try to simplify it. Use concepts like addition, subtraction, multiplication or division to help. “If I do more of ‘Y’ how does that affect ‘X’? If I do less of ‘Y’ how does that affect ‘X’? In life you know not everything is linear but thinking about the problem logically versus not thinking about it at all means at least you are facing in the right direction!

Stress relief = Bravery + Patience + Logic. Go brush up on your algebra skills!


(My kids math homework in which we had to solve for “L”. Which in this case L equals A minus 1/2 times Pi times W to the second power divided by two times W. To solve all we did was simply divide both sides by 2W. Who knew!)