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Today’s Must Do!

Today’s chore is a very simple one: get on a scale and write down how much you weigh in a journal.

Tomorrow’s chore will be to do the same thing.

Then again the next day. Yada yada yada.

Simply by being cognizant of your actual weight will help you control it. Trust me. It works!

p.s. if you are crazy enough why not measure your waistline and record those results too? It is the start of a new year after all!





Cheating never wins

So we are down to the home stretch and near the end of the year. We all know what is going to happen January 1st: we will be making our new years resolution. Let’s make sure and get off on the right foot!

Read my lips: Time to start thinking about weight loss. Don’t wait till January 1st. You just may survive the holidays without the added bulge.

Key Steps in Planning Your Transformation

An excerpt from The Diet for a Busy Life:

Lifestyle transformation takes planning. There is no way around this. The good news is that putting forth the energy to create a plan helps reduce stress. You will feel better about yourself knowing you are starting to do something about your personal situation.  So, let’s get planning!

Chances are before you started the Diet for a Busy Life, 10% of the content in your fridge was actually good for you. The other 90% was way too tempting and loaded with bad things. You need to reverse this so that at any one given time you can open the fridge door and not be assaulted by the enemies of your plan. This takes continuous effort and mindfulness. The last thing you want is to find yourself weak one day staring at a glorious looking slice of cheesecake.

Here is a quick list of things you want to experience day in and day out and therefore plan for:

  • Veggies in your fridge and ready to eat
  • Bad things in your fridge cannot be found
  • Eggs, meats and cheese are available and fresh
  • Time in your calendar is set aside for exercise
  • A peek at  an old picture of you when you were fat. Need I remind you of how far you have come?

Here are some ideas to help:

  • Have a single, master list used for grocery shopping
  • Go to the supermarket at a minimum once a week
  • After food shopping come home and immediately clean and cut the vegetables
  • After dinner prepare things for the next day – clean pans, make handy any dry ingredients, program the coffee maker, etc
  • Keep a fat picture of you next to the bed

Careful planning will help you to eat better and also help you to find time to exercise. With everything else driving us crazy and consuming our time this is always a challenge which is why planning is so important. I have a few ideas on how you can change this around. Here are some ideas on how to increase the odds of exercising on any given day:

Have your exercises clothes ready so that you see them when you wake up you put them on – For stay-at-home moms why not get dressed in your workout gear first thing in the morning instead of your normal outfit? It will be a constant reminder that at some point you need to be exercising.

Simplify your pre-exercise routine – Some people have this nutty routine that can take 20-30 minutes just to get ready to go to the gym:  they need to fix their hair, put on make-up, find the right workout outfit.. yada, yada, yada. Add a 10-15  minute drive to the gym and this leaves  scant precious time to actually exercise! Does this make any sense? The bottom line is you cannot put barriers between you and exercise and your pre-exercise routine is one of these barriers. Here is what I suggest: grab a t-shirt, sweatpants and sneakers and leave your vanity behind. Remember, you go to the gym to focus on exercise and not to win any style awards.

Do not go to the gym – I am not a big fan of gyms and health clubs. They are costly, many times not exactly convenient to get to and can make you feel subconscious about yourself. A home gym can be as simple as a chair and some dumbbells. All of the equipment and fancy gear at the gym are just there to lure you in. You can get a fantastic body with nothing but a winning attitude. No equipment is necessary and I am living proof of it!

A can do attitude – When you get up from bed each day tell yourself you are going to workout. When you go to bed at night reflect back about what you did to advance your goals. Take a look at the picture of the “fat” you. Remind yourself of how important victory is. Set your alarm clock so that you add 30 minutes to your day.

Get it done early – Why not just get a workout done before you do anything else? Get out of bed and hit the weights. Do a warm-up first of course. You know you will feel great once its done and the rev to your metabolism will keep you going all day. Wake up and go!

Today’s workout challenge: The Selfless Workout

Today’s workout is a tough one and will challenge you like none other. It will  literally pit YOU against YOURSELF.  When over, I GUARANTEE  you will feel fantastic.  Before you try it though take a look at yourself in front of a mirror and be happy that you have a mirror hanging in front of you…
I call this the Selfless workout:
1) Get out of bed
2) Walk over to the computer
3) Open up a web-browser (If you are reading this then you are already half way done with the workout! Now comes the hard part…)
4) Navigate to www.habitat.org
5) Pull out a credit card
5) Click on the donate button. Follow the instructions.
Feel free to repeat this workout often just make sure your bank account can handle it.

Veggies make you stronger!

Anyone who wants to lose weight needs to start eating more natural foods. One of the best things for you are your veggies! Listen, mom was right all along. You need to be eating your vegetables. As your new virtual mom, I insist that today you have something green with every single meal. Spinach with your omelet? Carrots instead of potato chips with your lunch? And for dinner why not treat your self to a big bowl of dark green salad? This sounds completely doable. With a focus on eating more veggies you will not only start feeling better you will look better.