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My pet buffalo helps me to sleep

I am so tired this morning. So much so it took me three attempts to type the first sentence. It went something like this: I am sor tride. Oops. I am so tried. Oops. I am so tried this norning. Great!. Got passed that one. Now on to blogging about something that males scense. Its gonna be a long ray…

So what are some ways to rebound from a night of fitful sleep? Yesterday I had one of those marathon, twenty hour work days. When my head finally landed on the pillow at night I was over tired. My mind was so weak it could not control itself. It was rehashing the same thoughts over and over again like a t-shirt tumbling in a clothes dryer.

When you find yourself like this, the first step is to try to break out from the spinning thoughts. Try to focus on a simple but obscure thought. Last night, I began imagining what it would be like to have a pet buffalo. It might be fun as a calf but what happens when it grows up? Could I  lead it around on a leash? Could I ride it like a horse? Would it let me ride it?  Next thing I know I am waking up to my alarm. If you cannot fall back asleep think about what it would be like to own a pet buffalo.

Important: the obscure thought you select must spur other obscure thoughts to prevent rumination. The ideas must link together in a never ending chain with each link being different.

Here are some other ideas:

  • What if I were born with four arms? Would I become the best juggler ever? What could I juggle?
  • If the Earth’s gravitational pull was cut by 75% what would life be like? Could I just hop to work? How would elevators work?
  • Would having an eye on the back of my head give me migraines? Would I use it?
  • If I had drill bits for hands what cool stuff could I do?

Welcome to my twisted world… Please share your ideas on what would be good pet buffalo thoughts.

When you do wake up you will need to implement anti-groggy measures. Naturally you will be sleepy and this can easily ruin your entire day. If you let it. Your first thought should be to WILL yourself beyond the grogginess. Tell yourself: “I am not going to be sleepy today.” Forget about the pet buffalo.

Believe it or not on a day like this, physical activity will be your friend. You need to spend as much time on your feet as you possible. Avoid the couch and avoid coffee or other caffeinated beverages. A nice brisk walk, a jog, anything to get the juices flowing will help. You want to use an elevated heart rate to keep energy flowing. Mental fatigue is the enemy. It prevents you from being productive and enjoying your day. Physical fatigue is different all together so use your fat stores, your muscles and eat healthy meals to stay ahead of a numb mind.

I hope this helps. I need to run, I have a pet buffalo to tend to. Blog to you later!