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Fear affects your disposition

Fear changes who you are. It changes how you act. It affects your disposition towards others.

Today, I am headed into the start of what will be two very painful and two very full days of closed door meetings. The execs will be hammering me relentlessly trying to get me to commit to a sales forecast number for the quarter. This is never fun and it is never easy. I think I would rather be tied naked to a post and publicly whipped!

The thought of these meetings has hung over me like a dark cloud the last few days and the stress has made me grumpy and irritable. When you get put into an uncomfortable position it bothers you doesn’t it? This is how I have been feeling.

It wasn’t till 5:30AM this morning, the day of the meetings, that I realized I had been grumpy for no reason. I was lucky enough to have the hotel gym all to myself and time to reflect. During my workouts I meditate and in this calm state I realized I was basically scared. I was simply afraid. Not overly to the point of being a wimp mind you but enough to turn me into a sourpuss. I told myself not to fear the future and I instantly felt better.

The truth is I can walk into this meeting completely at ease because I had all of my facts down cold. I had studied and prepared and have tons of experience to fall back on. I have been in these meetings before. I know how they turn out. What shocked me the most is that I had forgotten this. I let the stress get to me and it changed my disposition.

Fear and stress change who you are and how you act. You may not even realize as I did, that you are afraid. It can lurk deep down and fester. If you are feeling overly grumpy today take a second and ask yourself if it is based on fear. Telling yourself not to be afraid will work wonders.

Don’t be afraid. Go forth and conquer!