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Today’s Must Do!

Today’s chore is a very simple one: get on a scale and write down how much you weigh in a journal.

Tomorrow’s chore will be to do the same thing.

Then again the next day. Yada yada yada.

Simply by being cognizant of your actual weight will help you control it. Trust me. It works!

p.s. if you are crazy enough why not measure your waistline and record those results too? It is the start of a new year after all!





Why The Diet for a Busy Life?

Search the web and you will find dozens and dozens of books, programs, videos and experts all telling you how to lose weight. The simple fact of the matter is this: to lose weight you need to burn more calories than you consume. Tada! All of these crazy diet plans simply boil down to this yet to get your attention they use some catchy buzz words or zany approaches (like eating nothing but grapefruit!) to get you buy in to their plan. All this does is get you more and more confused and does little to help your waistline.

So why is the Diet for a Busy Life different? Yes, it is still about monitoring calorie consumption but unlike any other diet plan the Diet for a Busy Life takes into account your…umm… busy life! It takes time to prepare healthy meals, to exercise, to meditate and to plan. Trust me. You will need help with this. The alternative is to grab a bunch of highly processed ‘diet’ food and whoof it down thinking you  can just burn it off later by taking the stairs versus the elevator.  Your mindset needs to change. Your life is busy and so you need a plan that works around this. You need a plan that is realistic that can meet your already hectic life. Make sense? When do these other diet plans ever get around to mentioning this?!?

Another reason why the Diet for a Busy Life is different has to do with our focused approach on personal energy. Our motto is this: Energy = Happiness. Without energy there is little you can succeed at. When you cut calories guess what happens? Your energy level plummets. This is the dirty little secret about all of those crazy diet plans you have tried or read about. How can you succeed at anything with low energy? The Diet for a Busy Life first focuses on boosting your metabolism by eating smarter. With a high amount of energy only then are you able to succeed. We also know that with a boost of energy comes with it a boost in your personal happiness and isn’t what this is all about anyway? I ask again: have you ever read anything like this in any other diet plan? I think it is time you give the Diet for a Busy Life a shot! Energy=Happiness. Make this your new motto!

Facing the elephant in the room

Stress is one of the single biggest factors in the struggle to lose weight. A “stressed dieter” is an oxymoron. Are you really thinking about watching what you eat when you are under pressure? Your diet almost always takes a back seat to stress abatement. I know when I am under pressure I will take a tall glass of milk and a box of cookies over veggies and dip in a heart beat. Not to mention vegging on the couch versus working out. Yet when I loaf on the couch and stuff my face with sugar am I doing anything to address my stress? The first step in fixing stress is to understand which direction you are facing. Towards it or away from it.

Facing forward, staring stress in the eye means you are attempting to take what is an overwhelming challenge and break it up into bite size pieces. The stress itself may be slow to disappear but at least you are trying to do something about it.

Facing away from stress is escapism. You turn your back towards stress to shield you from it. The act provides near instant relief  but your battle against stress becomes longer and protracted.  The couch and the television become all too often your getaway car.

The better approach of course is to face stress. Acknowledge to yourself that there is in fact an elephant in the room. Stress is there and it wont go anywhere unless you help it go bye-bye.

Think of stress as a crazy algebra problem where you need to solve for ‘X’. At first glance the problem looks massive and unbreakable. The good news is to solve a problem you simply need to start out small. Take one part of the equation and try to simplify it. Use concepts like addition, subtraction, multiplication or division to help. “If I do more of ‘Y’ how does that affect ‘X’? If I do less of ‘Y’ how does that affect ‘X’? In life you know not everything is linear but thinking about the problem logically versus not thinking about it at all means at least you are facing in the right direction!

Stress relief = Bravery + Patience + Logic. Go brush up on your algebra skills!


(My kids math homework in which we had to solve for “L”. Which in this case L equals A minus 1/2 times Pi times W to the second power divided by two times W. To solve all we did was simply divide both sides by 2W. Who knew!)

“I will NOT always be fat!”

If you are overweight the challenge to lose a few pounds becomes greater the more weight you put on. Losing weight requires a continuous focus on balancing the right amount of calorie consumption and calorie burn. The more overweight you are, the longer and more strident this focus must be and because of this many people simply quit. Have you ever heard yourself say: “I will just always be fat.”?

Weight loss is a very daunting challenge. It can take months, if not years of careful eating and exercise to get back to a healthy weight. Some people whither in the face of this challenge. Is this you? Have you decided to give up?

If you have given up ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I want to live to see my grandchildren?
  • Am I setting a good example for my children?
  • Can I comfortably tie my shoes?
  • Can I easily get out of bed in the morning? Off the couch? Or easily get out of a car?
  • Am I easily fatigued? Tired all the time? Do I wish I had more energy?
  • Am I happy to live with these quality of life issues?

After you have asked yourself thee questions are you still willing to give up on weight loss? You know you can’t give up. Instead, you simply need to remind yourself of why you are trying to lose weight. “I want to set a good example for my children, therefore I am going to try harder!” This is the attitude you need to have.

At a point of despair when you believe that weight loss is impossible just remember it is not something that happens over night and that it IS worth fighting for. There is too much at stake. My suggestion is to try to simplify things into a set of rules:

“I cannot easily tie my shoes, so… I will no longer eat pizza until I can.”

“I cannot get out of my car very easily, so… I will no longer drink soda and until I can.”

“My kids run circles around me and therefore I am going to try to run circles around them.”

Boil what you are trying to do into a number of steadfast rules that are very black and white. Make these cardinal rules that you will never bend. If you keep at it you will be chasing after your kids in no time!

You can’t outrun your fork!

“I can eat this <fill in the blank> because I worked out today!”

When it comes to things like Key Lime Pie, dark chocolate or an icy El Guapo I will tell myself anything so I can indulge. I will see a slice of heavenly Key Lime goodness and think: “Man I want to stuff that in my face. After all, I did workout today…”

Ever catch yourself saying something similar?

This article proves again that you can’t think of exercise as the one and only means to lose weight and you cannot justify binge eating just because you worked out. The equation of calorie burn versus consumption does not tilt in your favor. According to the article, to lose a pound of weight with exercise alone is roughly equivalent to running a marathon. How many marathons have you run lately?

The quote “You can’t outrun your fork” is one that will stick with me. Remember this the next time you are on the couch with a bowl of chili and a bag of Dorritos. Just because you hobbled along on a treadmill doesn’t mean you can go a overboard with the calories!