Smiling is a sign you are making a difference

Another thought from The Diet for a Busy Life:

It is much harder to smile than not to. We don’t walk around all day smiling do we? It takes a concerted effort to smile especially when we don’t have puppies, babies or comedians around to help us. Smiling is a sign that you are happy and also a sign that you have energy. We do not smile when we are tired or beat up, just the opposite is true.

Smiling by itself creates energy. Take a second right now to put on a huge grin. Feel better already? Now find someone to share that grin with. Chances are they will respond with a smile of their own. If everyone made a conscious effort to make someone else smile life on Earth would be forever changed.

Being happy is one simple thing you can do to make the world a better place. Happiness rubs off on others. Smiling becomes contagious. Smiles create more energy.

Today, make a conscious effort to smile more. Feel good about yourself and know that being happy is not something to feel guilty about. A happy you means a happier world.


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